'Think Like a Pancreas' by Gary Scheiner (DeCapo Press)

Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin, 2nd Edition (DaCapo Press, 306 pages, $15 paperback) by Gary Scheiner, CDE, MS and insulin pump user/trainer.

think like a pancreasFor many people with diabetes who are on insulin, blood sugar control is all about eating properly, exercise and, of course, proper use of insulin.  The longer we have diabetes, the more we learn about the idiosyncrasies of the disease in terms of what stabilizes our glucose levels and what makes them go crazy.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy reference for everything that triggers the ups and downs? If you are on insulin, or live with someone who is, you owe it to yourself to read Think Like a Pancreas.

Sure, it’s a great title, but it’s also backed up with solid information, written in language we can all understand.  Readers will learn how to avoid those high and low episodes by matching your insulin program to your lifestyle. You’ll see how emotions, stress, illness, anxiety, and age, as well as timing of meals and exercise affect glucose levels and how to minimize extreme readings in either direction.

Chapter 10, on its own, is worth the price of the entire book. Aptly titled, “Resources for Anything and Everything Diabetes,” it includes an impressive list of associations, recommended reading, web sites and blogs plus more products than most of us ever knew existed, including a list of insulin and injectables with syringe, pen, pump and infusion set resources, plus a variety of glucose meters, A1C home tests and hypoglycemia treatments. Parents of children with diabetes, as well as patients new to insulin and even those who are old hands should consider this book for a permanent spot on their bookshelves.

Updated on: February 1, 2018