'Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes' by Ginger Vieira and Jennifer C. Smith, RD, CDE

Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes:Your Month-to-Month Guide to Blood Sugar Management by Ginger Vieira and Jennifer C. Smith, RD, CDE (Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 334 pages, $11.99 paperback)

If you have type 1 diabetes and are contemplating having a baby, before you do anything—and that means anything at all—make sure you grab a copy of Pregnancy With Type 1 Diabetes by Ginger Vieira, CHC, CPT and Jennifer C. Smith, RD, CDE. The book  is subtitled “Your Month-to-Month Guide to Blood Sugar Management,”  but  it’s so much more, it will likely be referred to as “the Type 1 pregnancy bible” before long.

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The first issue the authors tackle is the whether or not women with type 1 diabetes should even have children in the first place. After all, why take the chance on passing along a serious chronic disease to your child? Well, prolific diabetes writer, editorial director of and educator, Vieira takes care of that old-school thinking right off the bat, offering the science that backs up determining the likelihood of one’s child developing diabetes, depending on how the mom takes care of herself prior to and during pregnancy. 

Her age, her ethnicity, her pregnancy A1C, her level of physical activity—all are significant in calculating not only the chances of the child developing diabetes, but how those odds differ from the general population.

It’s not just eating right that keeps your blood sugar in check when you’re pregnant, since this is the time when your hormones are having a nine-month-long party in your body, Ginger tells us. It’s a long, arduous and often confusing time, but that’s why this book is a “must have.” The inclusion of the personal journeys of Ginger, a health coach, as well as Jenny Smith, a registered dietician, provides invaluable first-hand experience and detailed advice.

The author and DL contributor Ginger Vieira shows off her baby bump. The family expects the arrival of baby #2 at the end of May 2017.

The month-to-month guide covers “Mama’s Mental Health,” nutrition, blood sugar management, what to expect at doctor’s visits, and Ginger’s personal pregnancy diary (her second child is due in May!). With countless tips, dietary recommendations and personal stories in addition to their own, the authors ably guide the reader through preparing for pregnancy all the way to baby’s birth, and throughout the challenges of postpartum diabetes control.

This book is so jam-packed with information it should come with a yellow highlighter.

Updated on: April 17, 2017
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