'The Diabetes Dictionary' by American Diabetes Association

Getting diagnosed with diabetes not only changes your life, it changes your vocabulary. 

As a person with a better than average success rate at crossword puzzles and a pretty good command of the English language, I was caught flat-footed by the diagnosis. Actually, numb-footed, but that’s another story.

The Diabetes Dictionary, subtitled What Every Person with Diabetes Needs to Know (American Diabetes Association, 146 pages, $7.95 paperback), will save the newly diagnosed (as well as the old hands) hours of head-scratching and asking, “What the heck?”

From the words and expressions we may already know – from adult-onset diabetes to xylitol—(OK, I didn’t really know that last one) to those definitions we should learn—from atherosclerosis to, well, xylitol—this pocket dictionary will serve as a handy, user-friendly reference. Symptoms and medications are defined in easy-to-understand language, as are medical specialties (no more confusing psychiatrists with podiatrists).

This revised and updated second edition of the dictionary includes more than 600 entries, pronunciation guides, common abbreviations as well as the latest updates on diabetes medications, all information you can trust from the American Diabetes Association. A must-have for patients with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes and anyone living with or caring for a person with diabetes.

Updated on: November 1, 2017
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