'The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet' by Dr. Michael Mosley (Atria Books)

Having been on this planet for more years than I’ll ever admit, and having been on every diet under the sun, I am habitually skeptical of the latest diet craze, whatever it turns out to be. I worry that people will throw all their eggs in one basket, go all-in on whatever program it is, enjoy some moderate success and then fall back into old habits and the problems they were trying to overcome in the first place.

With that said, however, I tried to approach the newest book by Dr. Michael Mosley, The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet (Atria Books, 235 pages, $24.99 hardcover; $12.99 eBook) with an open mind.  Subtitled How to Beat Diabetes Fast (and Stay Off Medication), I initially viewed this book like chicken soup – i.e., it might not help, but it couldn’t hurt. While I initially flinched at the word “Beat” in the subtitle, I think the information in this book might actually beat out chicken soup in terms of dealing with diabetes.

The author explains in accessible, reader-friendly language, what sugar does in the body, calling it a “toxic time bomb.” As he outlines his diet program, Dr. Mosley explains that it is a bold and radical diet that involves eating 800 calories a day for up to eight weeks in order to reduce your blood glucose level. Well, common sense dictates that it could hardly miss. Each reader is going to have to make the determination if this is an eating program that is even remotely doable.

But here’s what I like about his approach. He talks about what should happen before you embark on this program. Setting goals. Getting a diet buddy. Communicating with your doctor and determining which, if any, preliminary tests should be taken. He counsels the reader to get and stay active. To “sort out your head” first.  Reduce stress. He’s right…about all of the above.  Add to this the fifty or so recipes he throws in for good measure, and you’ve got plenty to think about when you’re looking for another resource to help you live with and manage diabetes.

Updated on: November 1, 2017
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