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June 18, 2013

The Day of My Son's Diabetes Diagnosis

The date: February 26, 2009.  It’s like any other day, the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready for school, Matt in preschool, Lauren in 1
June 17, 2013

Want To Change? Believe You Can Change!

OnTrack Diabetes provides advice on how to live a full, happy life as a person with diabetes.  For those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, happiness quite often depends upon learning how t
June 17, 2013

Helping Your Diabetic Teenager Fit in

My name is Eliot LeBow and I am a diabetes focused psychotherapist and life coach.
June 09, 2013

Dateline Diabetes - Place of Origin

I grew up figure skating on a small lake behind my house. I worked as a teenager selling “I talked to Paul Bunyan” t-shirts in my hometown of Brainerd, MN. And yes, Fargo the movie is also based off this town.
June 04, 2013

Blood Sugar and Fitness Training Guidelines

I wanted to touch base on the importance of monitoring your blood sugars when it comes to working out.
June 02, 2013

Eat Clean, Train Hard, Test Often

Motivation: it's something we all have. Do we all use it to the best of our abilities? 
May 30, 2013

Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow

I always looked forward to summer vacation, when I was in school and even when I was just working. This year is different.
May 28, 2013

Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect to Be Wonderful

As diabetics, we are bombarded with myriad variables that are like dodging bullets on a day to day basis.