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Halloween Scares Me But Not Because of Zombies

What Scares Me About HalloweenHalloween scares me but zombies and vampires don't. It's the candy that's so hard to escape.

Halloween frightens me, but for all the wrong reasons. I can hold my own against ghosts, goblins and witches, but Butterfingers, Almond Joys and Paydays are another matter.

During the rest of the year, it’s easy to circumvent the candy aisles, but on Halloween any trip to the supermarket or drugstore brings nothing but fluorescent nightmares of blood sugar highs.

In the past, I might have thrown caution to the wind and rationalized: It’s only one night, and made off with the leftover Musketeers. But I’m older and wiser now, and know myself a little better. 

I know, for example, that eating a single miniature bar is not in my personality. It’d be great if I could limit consumption to one, but with an entire bowl sitting on my kitchen counter, that isn’t going to happen. One leads to two leads to five, which doesn’t do my type 2 (or my waistline) any favors.

So what to do? This year, I’ve decided to try to think ahead. While I can’t guarantee that my ploys will work, I’m going to try and plot out some possible strategies. 

  1. Leaving a bowl full of candy outside the front door. Rather than doling out the candy piece by piece, I’m going to let the mini-ghouls pick their own treats. While it may not be as fun, one thing I’ve discovered is that somehow, all the candy magically disappears which means no leftovers for me.
  2. Buying something I can live without. Chocolate is my downfall, and though I know it is a universal favorite among the neighborhood children, lollipops or small packages of peanuts or pretzels are much less tempting. It won’t make me popular, but it won’t leave me logy in the morning, either.
  3. Disposing of the leftovers. If we end up with any chocolate bars, and if there are any left after the night of Halloween,  I will bag them up and send them straight to my husband’s office the following day. Or, if he’s watching his sugar consumption, I’ll stick them in the deepest darkest refuges of the freezer, where frozen solid, one might make a nice summer treat.
  4. Keeping a sugar-free treat on hand. In case I’m tempted to sneak a piece (or three), I’ll try to stock up on sugar-free popsicles or candy that can fool me into thinking that I had something sweet.
  5. Wearing my tightest pants and shirts. This is not a night for sweatpants and baggy tops. Keeping track of my waistline in the moment may help me avoid an unanticipated binge.
  6. Planning for a single small emergency pack of peanut M & M’s at the end of the night. Because one bag has several pieces, it can feel like I’m having more of a treat. And peanuts are protein, which helps balance out the chocolate.
  7. Turn out the lights, drink a glass of water (it helps curb my sweet tooth) and go to sleep. When the last superhero leaves our doorsteps, lights out. Hanging around any leftovers can be a danger zone.
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